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Small Boats for Angling 

Are they right for you?

Updated 2013


 Small Boats at Anchor

Safety at sea plus a true story.

Article date 2013


Small Boat Anchoring

Hazardous at best, some of my thoughts and experiences of anchoring.

                            Updated 2011

 Build your own GRP Fly Bridge.             

The intention is to allow those considering this job to have a bit more info.

Article Date 2005

Have you looked at your prop recently?

Serious stuff for the all boat owners.

Updated 2011


Carrying Petrol in cars

Bet you long distance boys never even thought about this.

 Article date 2006

Day Angler 19+

Still a great boat, you can't go far wrong with these.
Article date 2005

'Incident - A Lesson Learned' 

My collision while peacefully fishing at anchor

Article date 2005


Why build a GRP Fly Bridge?       

Not as obvious to some, maybe.

Article Date 2005


Shetland Viking
Interesting how these boats seem ideal for us anglers, but didn't 'take off'.
Article date 2005   


Modified Shetland 570 
Major Tom one of the best modified 570's you could find.

Article date 2005

Shetland 570

My last small boat was one of these.
Article date 2005