Shetland Viking

The Shetland Viking is another testament to the superb quality of the Shetland 570. These pictures and the information was provided by Nick Bainton, here was his e-mail to me after reading my views on the 570. The Viking is a most remarkable boat and you can see that it must almost fit the 'perfect private fast fishing boat' for our area (impossible to achieve in every angler's eyes). This boat allows for loads of angling space, read on.....

Hi Les.
I've just read with interest your article on the Shetland 570. I have a Shetland Viking. I don't know if you are familiar with this boat, it utilises the 570 hull but has a stern cabin, leaving a massive open bow to fish from. Apparently they didn't make many, they were made specifically for angling and were expensive compared to the then popular dories, I have number 016.
There's only one guy (James) at Shetland now that even remembers them. This is my third boat and I am absolutely over the moon with it. The layout is just so practical for drift fishing or up-tiding.
I fish with Poole Dolphins SAC so I am not that far away from you, I occasionally fish for bass around the needles on Dead Ringer one of the Poole charters so I'll keep my eye out for you.
If you want to know more about the Viking or if you know more about the Viking then please contact me.
Best regards. Nick Bainton.

After replying to Nick this is what he said about his boat and what the Shetland brochure said, all the photo's are Nicks.

Hi Les.
The boat is normally moored in Poole harbour but she's at home now on the trailer for a winter project. It was fitted from new with a large mild steel fuel tank below deck in the stern locker, but I want to distribute the weight more evenly, so I'm having a stainless tank made to fit in the middle hold.
This was an almost commercial build with lots of hold space and an extremely heavy layup, I drilled through the hull with a hole saw to fit an inlet for a deck wash pump, the core I took out was about 3/4" thick. I fitted a new 75 merc' last year and despite the weight she very quickly planes and will do nearly 30 knots.
I bought the boat from a guy in Gosport, it had sat in a farmyard unused for a very long time. It was made early to mid eighties and I doubt if it had been used more than a few times, the hull didn't have a mark on it, other than moss. The driveshaft had seized in the powerhead of the Evinrude 55 so that had to go, hence the new engine last year.
I have fitted new everything to it over the last 18 months and now have what is virtually a brand new boat having sat in a time capsule for the last twenty years.
Regards. Nick.


Here is how the original Shetland brochure described their Viking boat.

During the early eighties the Viking was a new contribution from Shetland to the growing trend towards fast fishing boats.

The hull is from the well proven 570, and the general layout heralds from the seafaring nations of Scandinavia.

The result is a fast planing fishing boat with a very large open forward cockpit measuring approximately 8x 5 and 23 from floor level to gunwhale. There are two large under floor stowage tanks with over seven cubic feet of storage space in each.

Aft is a GRP wheelhouse which accommodates the steering console and upholstered helmsman's seat on the starboard side. To portside a long locker/bench seat gives stowage for fishing tackle and personal items. When combined with the rear quarter locker its upholstered cushion gives a temporary berth 66 long for rest on all night fishing trips.

Access to the cockpit is through a central stable door and the top of the door can be secured open to increase ventilation. Added protection in poor weather conditions is given by a fitted wheelhouse canopy with a zipped section to allow easy access to the engine.

Whilst the emphasis is on fast transport, and trials produced 27 knots with a75 horsepower outboard in rough waters, the Gullwing form of the hull does give remarkable stability at rest. Added safety is provided by generous foam buoyancy injected between the floor and hull moulding.

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