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White Maiden II

Licensed for up to 12 passengers and 2 crew, for up to 60 miles from a Safe Haven in 'favourable weather' and less than 24 hours (MCA Cat 2).

Inshore Day Charter from 400
In the spring and summer we have plenty of time and light to test a few marks inshore or if weather permits too further offshore.

In early spring among other plans we can target big Black Bream as well as other species like Skate, Bass, Pollock and Hounds on the banks, reefs and inshore wrecks giving a choice of mixed and varied fishing within five miles of  the Needles Lighthouse.

For experienced crews we can explore further.

Mid-summer we are spoilt for choice. Tope, Brill, Turbot and Bass all chase the bait fish. We have seen more sharks and dolphins too over the last year. The Solent, right on our doorstep, offers many different species varying with the seasons, including Smoothounds and Stingrays. Early June is exceptional for big Smoothounds.

In the Autumn the Whiting begin to show around the same time as the Cod. The Solent sees the first Cod while they descend on the local crab population.

During February and March we get our fishing fix with wreck Congers and the odd Cod, plus Spurs and Blondes on the ten mile banks but we do need a good forecast for that. Plaice are our target fish inshore during these months too.

Bassing charter (7 Hours) 490 up to 8 persons
is more specialised as we target specifically those hard fighting solid 'Bars of Silver' that can be caught on light gear.

We drift with live baits over rocky marks, through Hurst race, around the Shingles and over inshore banks. Sometimes we use artificial lures. I like fishing the Needles Bridge with floated live baits. We can cast or  troll lures along the Shingles the cliffs and caves on the South side but live baits take the biggies.

As more Bass are returned to grow bigger and the angling techniques perfected this type of fishing is often the ultimate for many.

Wrecking Charter from 720

We can drift a choice of forty plus mainly WW1 and WWII ship wrecks, within twenty miles of the Needles Light. We catch Pollock, Cod and Bass mainly. Some months also give up Coalfish, Ling and Black Bream. There are pirking patches, rips, boiling pots and various banks to test between the wrecks too.


Half Day Charters - from 300

In the Spring and Summer we normally look for mackerel first then anchor for black bream, bass, rays and smoothounds etc.

In the Autumn and Winter we will go straight to anchor.

Rods and bait are available if required.

A half day suits beginners and experienced anglers who feel four hours is enough for them.

In the summer we often drift for Mackerel, Pollock or a Bass and then normally anchor for Bream, Rays and Tope.

In the Autumn and Winter we will normally go straight to anchor and using frozen baits target Cod, Rays, Whiting and Congers.


Evenings from 280

I like to get round the Needles on the longer evenings if we can. And of course only if the fishing has been better there than the Solent and the Bay. We drift the spectacular white cliffs from the Needles to Freshwater for Mackerel, Pollock and Bass in May, June, July and August.

These midweek evenings see less boat traffic and the fishing can be very good and the sunsets incredible.

After drifting we normally anchor a small wreck or a bank until dusk. When anchored there are Congers, Rays and Tope plus the obligatory dogs and Pout.

We have some great Solent marks often fished when the weather and tide allow and also avoids many trips being cancelled. There is still the odd forecast that won't be suitable for the Solent. In May and June we target rod bending Smoothounds. Also Black Bream are targeted along with Bass and Skate. In late July, August and early September on small tides we target Soles and many other species. From mid September as the nights draw in, through October and November, on the neap tides and when the weed is manageable the Cod start to show first, feeding on crab. There will be times when fishing the Solent is as good as anywhere.

Between the Needles and the Solent we have Christchurch Bay and this area can often can give us the odd remarkable specimen plus lots of Black Bream in the summer.

We also find plenty of Bass, Pollock Smoothound, Plaice, Soles and Rays, to liven up the shorter trips.