White Maiden - Safety Notice

If you choose to board my vessel ‘White Maiden’ to take part in sports fishing or other activity, then you must accept that you are subjecting yourself to various risks. Before you can fish on ‘White Maiden’ I will ask you to sign a document to confirm you have read our safety notice and that you have decided to subject yourself to the hazards of boating and sports fishing, you are accepting liability for any risks that you may take.

I pride myself on taking the best level of care while you are on board. I am fully qualified and the boat is equipped with a complete inventory of up to date Safety equipment. I will give you a Safety briefing before we set sail. If anything is unclear please ask your skipper. For the Safety of yourself and others please act responsibly in the following areas.

1.      At Lymington Yacht Haven wait at the top of the gangway. The fuel pontoon is shared and can often get busy. We are close to the fuel pontoon so no smoking.

2.      When Embarking and Disembarking the boat at the quayside or pontoon never attempt to board or get off the boat until it is secured by ropes and until you have been given permission by the skipper or his crew. Always have at least one hand free of equipment so that you can hold the handrail.

Take special care on the aluminium walk way and the pontoon. These can be very slippery when wet or icy. Always have at least one hand free of equipment so that you can hold on the handrail.

3.      Be careful not to get your hands trapped between the dock and the boat when coming alongside or when the boat is departing.

4.      Please take care when moving around the boat at all times. Take care to hold on to minimise the risk of falling over and be careful where you tread – the nature of fishing boats can mean obstacles are often in your way. Keep your gear tidy and stowed so other people don't trip over it. Take extra care when it is rough and when there is wash from another vessel.

5.      Please be careful when using knives to cut bait or fillet fish. Store them in their appropriate sheath. If rough fillet your fish in calmer waters.

6.      Take care with sharp hooks. Do not let your weights swing out of control. This can result in serious injury and is often a reason for hooks penetrating people’s bodies. Remove weights from rods when in rod holders and during transit.

7.      Handle your catch carefully. Some fish have razor sharp teeth, poisonous spines, rough skin etc. If you are unsure ask your skipper who will gladly help you.

8.      Hot drinks / Pasties.  Be careful these are a scalding hazard.

9.      ‘White Maiden’ will not accept responsibility if you choose not to comply with these Safety guidelines.

Les Jones