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Bait ideas.




Frozen new Squid 5lb Box
A brilliant all year round 'must take' bait for the Wight area.

Frozen new Squid 1lb Box 
Great 'change bait' in summer when fresh Mackerel is king

Frozen older Squid 5lb Box
Winkle out Huss and Turbot. Good alternative bait and top Dab bait.

Frozen older Squid 1lb Box
For a good 'change bait', tipping off and top Dab bait.

Frozen New Mackerel Pack of 2 or 3

An all year round bait, out-fished during the summer by fresh.

Frozen Older Mackerel Pack of 2 or 3
A good alternative bait for the harder days, attracts Dogs and the odd Turbot.


Frozen Cuttle small Pack of 2 or 3  
Great for real big baits and ideal for the Needles Cod, good for Conger. A hardy bait, lasts longer than squid, when hammered by small stuff.

                    Frozen Sandeel
Good for drifting for Bass and Pollock or anchoring for Blondes and Small Eyed Rays.



Live Ragworm
Normally bring 50 worms or half pound whichever can be obtained or dug locally.

Great bait, all year round. Sometimes live rag will make the difference between a quiet day and a good day. The Hounds and Bream love 'em as do Bass, Codling, Plaice, Small Eyed Rays and Brill when used in various cocktails. Great for Bass and Pollock when inshore drifting.